Monday, March 26, 2012

Squiggy Classic 2012

I gotta tell you, after racing with the Cycle Youth team on Sunday, I will never do another 6 hour race SOLO. I had so much fun.  I'm very thankful to Cody and Sam for letting me be part of their team.  In the beginning , I think I was putting a little too much pressure on myself .  I wanted to do well and didn't want to let my teammates down.  So, after Sam and Cody's fast laps, I was off and hoping to still keep us in the top 5 (there were a total of 12 coed teams).

 After my second lap, a decision was made to send Cody out to do one more lap before cutoff.  With his unbelievable fast pace, he not only kept our fourth position, he moved us up one spot for a podium finish.   WAY TO GO... CODY!!!!

Once again, thanks to my teammates and Coach Chris for such a fun race. Thanks to Miss Christie and Mr. Mark for the awesome pictures.  And congratulations to the other Cycle Youth team, you guys did awesome!

My sister even had fun with her new little buddy.



Mountain Bike Mike said...

Congratulations Madison! Sounds like you had a great race team.

Christie Burnett said...

Madison, You did a great job! Thank YOU for being on their team. You are one amazing young lady. :-)