Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SERC #1 Hailes Trails

After 3 months of training, I was curious to know how I would do at the Gainesville race.  One thing about racing in the Base Women category, I never know whom I will be up against. (Could be some super fast college girl or someone my Mom's age racing for fun.)  So I figured I would just race for myself and hopefully the outcome would be good.

When lining up,  the butterflies were going crazy in my stomach.  Dave blew the whistle and 10 of us were off.  I think I was 7th getting to the single track.  I was able to pass 2 women running up a climb. And after that, I caught up to the lead group during a technical rocky section and was able to hang with them for the next 25 minutes or so.  This was a first for me. Last race season, I think the only time I  ever saw the lead group was at the starting line.  So... THANK YOU COACH DREW!!    

Anyway, my Dad made a short video of the race. (No need to show the entire video, it gets a little boring with just me in it during the second lap.) But, I did end up in 4th place and very happy with how I did.  I'm going to keep up the training and looking forward to doing the 6 hour Squiggy with the Cycle Youth boys this weekend.


Anonymous said...

awesome job

Jennifer Mace said...


Being one of the women you smoked on the trail and knowing just how challenging that course was, I just want to tell you how impressed I am with how well you rode it and how well you finished. Congratulations and good luck at the Squiggy. The Maces are rooting for you, so tear it up!! :-)