Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hard To Get Going

Have you ever had one of days when you just don't feel like doing anything??  Well..that's how I felt today.  We usually take a family ride, but after last weeks 3 hour disaster camping trip, I was so NOT ready to go back to Alafia!   I was doing just fine watching my Fuel TV when my Mom told me to get my boody off the couch and get my bike clothes on. Not happy about it...I did what she said.  And then, we were out the door and heading South.

My mood quickly changed after we arrived at the Dunedin Causeway.  The water was beautiful, the breeze felt awesome, and I was so ready to get on my bike and go for a ride.      

We started off on the Causeway and headed to the Pinellas Trail

Then, we made our way to Hammock Park where we rode some kinda cool trails.  The trails were flat, but it was fun to ride someplace new. I guess it was OK we were riding on them.  We didn't see any signs that said "No Bikes".  

After riding all the trails 2X at Hammock Park, we headed back to the Causeway.

By this time, we were starving , so we picked up Subway and made our way to Honeymoon Island.

Dad and I are practicing our new podium poses.


RON said...

sunsets on the beach very cool

DIRT GIRL said...

subs and sun sets

DAN said...

how many cookies did cake butt eat madison?

rider girl said...

be nice