Wednesday, February 19, 2014

12 Hours of Santos

Okay...who would have ever guessed that the co-ed division (19 teams) would turn out to be one of most competitive classes. If our team had signed up for the base under 125 with the rest of the juniors, we would have been up on that podium.  Instead we were battling it out with a bunch of fast dudes. Technically, there was only supposed to be one sport rider on each team.  But, I guess experienced cyclocross racers and roadies don't count.

I think our team did really well considering who we were up against. Ethan started out first, followed by Connor, Cody, then myself. And let me just say, THANK YOU COACH DREW. With a first lap time of 40.50, I do believe those crazy hard workouts are really paying off.  Anyway, I think we held our 3rd position all the way until late in the day.  Then, we dropped down to 4th place. Determined to bump the team back up to 3rd, Connor quickly completed his lap, while Cody took my place for the last one of the the night. Unfortunately, things ended in disaster for Cody.  He had a mechanical and ended up having to walk the course in the freezing cold. I just hope he knows how much his hard effort was appreciated.

So our team finished 4th out of 19.  Not what we were hoping for, but hey...we will be back next year to collect that trophy:)  


Photo by: Big Dog Action Photography

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Mountain Bike Mike said...

You guys did great! Co-ed is always one of the most competitive classes and you never know who is going to show up.